October 16, 2017

The Wine School Boom

If it seems that half of your colleagues in the wine industry have taken up some form of wine education, you’re not imagining things. Enrollment in wine schools is up, thanks in large part to distributors, retailers and winery employees who’ve decided to sharpen their expertise in this fast-growing industry.“Most of our students are entrepreneurs who want to start their own wineries,” says … [Read more...]

What’s Your Marketing Plan for 2013?

Recently,  I read a marketing article that said if the fish aren’t biting in your fishing hole, you need to either change your bait, move to a different fishing hole or change your fishing techniques. Look at what you did last year and if you didn’t get the desired results, change the plan.Start by looking at your marketing plan.  Make adjustments to get more visitors in your tasting room, … [Read more...]

Interview With Nick Smith of University of Minnesota

Midwest Wine Press spoke recently with Nick Smith at the University of Minnesota (U of M.) Nick is well-known in the region because, over the course of a year, he probably makes more different kinds of wine than anyone in the Midwest.How did you get into winemaking? I have a long and convoluted academic path that started out in finance.  I re-entered the undergrad program at University of … [Read more...]

Using Aerial Photos to Increase Vineyard Profits

Trouble  locating  suitable  land  for  your  vines?  Not  sure  if  your  vineyard  will  get  the  maximum  amount  of   sunlight,  right  soils,  or  adequate  air  circulation?  Worried  about  harvesting  your  blocks  at  the  optimal   time  and  managing  disease?  These  questions  challenge  both  hobby  and  commercial  grape  producers.  To   help  take  the  guess-work  out  of … [Read more...]

Midwest Winemakers Blend Career Paths

“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”Ralph Waldo EmersonLike an old grapevine, the paths we follow in life are full of twists and turns.  Transitioning from other careers is not uncommon for Midwest wine makers, many of whom have successfully left other industries to pursue enology and viticulture.  In this two-part series,  Midwest … [Read more...]