September 21, 2017

Midwest Winery Tour Companies Spread

Anecdotal evidence suggests that during the last few years the number of winery tour companies across the Midwest has grown, reflecting general growth across the Midwest wine industry. In the first installment of a series, Midwest Wine Press will profile winery tour companies doing business in our region. We'll focus on what they look for in the wineries they visit and what they aim to give their … [Read more...]

Outlook Bright for 2012 Midwest Wine Tourism

Record-high gas prices this spring threatened to deflate plans for tasting rooms to welcome a steady stream of visitors coaxed by unusually mild temperatures.But, according to tourism officials in wine regions throughout the Midwest, wine lovers don’t mind paying current gas prices, as high as $4.25 a gallon in some areas.   Midwest wine tourism officials interviewed last week reported no … [Read more...]