September 19, 2017

Round Lake Vineyards and The Giant Canada Goose

 One of Minnesota's largest grape growers, Round Lake Vineyards, is about to open an ambitious new winery operation producing a full roster of estate grown wines.  Round Lake's "Grand Opening" weekend starts on June 5th and runs from Friday to Sunday.While the winery is new, the berries that begot the winery have been in the ground for as long as six years.  Round Lake co-owners, husband … [Read more...]

Frontenac Gris Grape Moves Beyond Minnesota

During 1992,  a new grape variety was discovered by Peter Hemstad in the vineyard at the University of Minnesota’s Horticulture Research Center. According to Katie Cook,  enology project leader at the University of Minnesota, the new grape, called Frontenac Gris, was a single bud mutation of  Frontenac berries growing on a vine that normally bears black fruit. “We see a lot of Frontenac … [Read more...]