September 19, 2017

Grape Production Expands in Vernon County Wisconsin

Timothy Rehbein, University of Wisconsin Vernon County Agriculture Agent, notes that at its peak in the 1990's, tobacco farming was a thriving $14 million business in Vernon County, Wisconsin and surrounding areas.    When the Wisconsin tobacco industry crashed suddenly in the late 90's, concerned tobacco growers approached Rehbein, fresh out of grad school at the time,  demanding alternatives to … [Read more...]

Winning Over the Weather

Yes, I am guilty of it, as are many Minnesotans. Spring in this state is elusive, not guaranteed. As I drive during May 2011 from Minneapolis into the St. Croix River Valley, which forms our eastern border with Wisconsin, I am not thrilled by our swirling gray clouds, wind and rain and often sparse greenery that normally would be standing proudly forth in field and vineyard.Half of the state’s … [Read more...]