October 16, 2017

Championing Ohio Wines, Vino Where You Live

The regionally-themed Paris wine bar Le Reserve de Quasimodo has been serving clients continuously since the 1200's.  But the concept of a regionally-themed wine bar in the Midwest has almost no history.  Now, Tom and Laura Noonen want to rock the wine bar world – by putting Ohio wines toe-to-toe with international and national labels and demonstrating that Ohio wines will hold up to stiff … [Read more...]

Sparkling in the Midwest: L. Mawby and Ravenhurst Cellars

Champagne is wine’s outgoing cousin – sparkling, fun, the life of the party – which may be why a number of Midwest wine makers are adding champagnes and sparkling wines to their product lineup.  The Midwest has two vintners who excel at sparkling wines and the “methode champenoise” – Larry Mawby, located on Michigan’s Leelanau Peninsula, and Chuck Harris and Nina Busch of Ravenhurst Champagne … [Read more...]