September 20, 2017

MWP and Craft Beverages Unlimited Midwest 2016

In a couple of months’ time, wine industry people from across the Midwest will gather in St. Charles, Missouri for one of the biggest wine conferences in our region. One difference this year is a name change: what was formerly called the Midwest Wine Conference is now Craft Beverages Unlimited Midwest. This time, winemakers, distillers and brewers are under one roof, but attending three separate … [Read more...]

Wisconsin Wine Conference Conquers the Wilderness

The Wisconsin Fruit and Vegetable Conference was held this week at the Wilderness Waterpark Resort Resort- the country's largest waterpark-  in subzero temperatures. Despite the arctic weather, the atmosphere was like the Fourth of July. With the Wisconsin wine industry expanding rapidly, spirits are understandably high among Wisconsin winemakers and grape growers.According to Anna Maenner of … [Read more...]