September 21, 2017

Ozonated Water Replacing Chemicals In More Vineyards

Ernie Wilmink, owner of AgriOzein, the Nebraska based company that designs and builds ozonators, has come a long way since Midwest Wine Press last spoke with him during early 2013. There’s now growing evidence that the Dutchman’s ozonated water spray for controlling vineyard pests - without the use of chemicals - is having an impact on the wine industry in the United States and overseas.See … [Read more...]

AgriOzein Winery Systems

AgriOzein is making advances in the vineyard and winery industry. With the assistance of AgriOzein, farmers are using water treatment systems for their wine making operations the safe way, without chemicals and pesticides.AgriOzein LLC supplies ozone water treatment systems for agriculture with specific expertise in vineyard and winery applications. These systems have been proven to control … [Read more...]

Ozonated Water: Vineyard Pest Control Without Chemicals

Until recently, the prospect of a grape growing industry in the Midwest without the use of chemicals may have seemed impossible. Throughout our region, insects, plant diseases and weeds thrive in the summer heat and humidity. Many grape growers say that without agricultural chemicals, they could not produce a consistent crop.But some winemakers say the widespread reliance on chemicals has … [Read more...]