March 30, 2015

Les Bourgeois Norton Goes to Hollywood


Norton wine has debuted on the silver screen. For a few minutes, a bottle of Les Bourgeois Vineyards Norton, takes center-stage in the 2014 mystery-thriller movie, Gone Girl, that stars Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike.From the iconic James Bond martini to Pinot Noir in the comedy Sideways, the Missouri dry red continues a tradition involving films and beverages. Some industry observers hope this … [Read more...]

Missouri Wine Girl Gets Social


Danene Beedle, Marketing Director for the Missouri Wine & Grape Board is a huge fan of social media and an advocate for what it can do to promote Midwest wineries and engage customers.From Twitter and Facebook - where Danene goes by the name of MoWineGirl - she practices whatshe preaches. Her regular tweets, beaming out to almost 2,500 followers, come from all corners of the state … [Read more...]

Midwest Wine Trails Lead to Missouri

Apple Creek Winey which opened during late 2012 is on the Mississippi River Hills Wine Trail

Missouri has seen the number of wineries in the state grow from 50 to 118 since 2005.   Missouri also has more wine trails than any other state in the Midwest. Teah Hopper, a marketing specialist for the Missouri Wine and Grape Board, believes that Missouri's wine trails have definitely contributed to the  growth of the Missouri wine industry which now has an economic impact of over $1.6 billion, … [Read more...]

Robert Merletti Previews Midwest Wine Conference

Robert Merletti, owner, Vineyard & Winery Management. Photo courtesy V&W Managemen

The 2013 Midwest Grape & Wine Conference & Trade Show is taking place in St. Charles, Missouri, from February 7-9. The conference, hosted by Vineyard & Winery Management, is the third largest event of its kind in the United States and brings together winemakers, winery suppliers and viticulture experts from across the Midwest and the US.Midwest Wine Press spoke with V&W … [Read more...]

Baltimore Bend Vineyard’s Standout Vignoles

Baltimore Bend Vineyard's tasting room and winery

During the drive back from a weekend trip in Missouri, Midwest Wine Press dropped in on family owned, Baltimore Bend Vineyard and Winery in Waverly. Still an hour from home near Kansas City, a much needed cheese and sausage snack was taken and, of course, a quick wine tasting.The modern winery building is on Highway 24 set in the middle of farmland with the spacious tasting room and shop … [Read more...]

Missouri’s Newest Wine Trail Hosts First Event

The Mississippi River Hills Wine Trail, has its first event this weekend. The food and wine pairing celebration, “A Taste of the Holidays,” is taking place from 12 to 5 p.m. today and Sunday.The six wineries hosting the occasion form the state's newest wine trail, located in the south-east corner of the state. One of the wineries, Apple Creek Vineyard & Winery, in Friedheim, North Cape … [Read more...]

Doug Frost in KC Star on MO Wine Winners

In today's Kansas City Star, midwest wine expert Doug Frost admits that it's hard to keep track of all the wineries from Missouri that are winning national awards. Wineries in the western part of Missouri and the Kansas City area are now rivaling their older contemporaries in the eastern part of the state, Frost reports. … [Read more...]

Norton Grape Harvest & Crush at Jowler Creek


Norton is one of the last grapes to be harvested in the Midwest. Below are pictures from today's Norton grape harvest and crush at Jowler Creek Vineyard, near Platte City in Missouri. Winemaker Jason Gerke said it was a lighter yield than last year - but the fruit looked very good. Up close, the Norton grapes appeared very similar to blueberries and tasted very nice, but full of pips. The hard … [Read more...]

Norton: Dark Knight of American Wine

IMG_7833 (1)halfsize

This is the first article of a two part profile on the Norton grape. The first article discusses the characteristics of today's Norton and includes a report on the 2012 Norton Harvest. The next article will focus on Norton winemaking techniques and research into the origins of the grape.Norton, the oldest commercially grown native American grape, is a red variety with a unique flavor, a … [Read more...]

Offbeat European Grapes Growing Across the Midwest


Increasingly, Midwestern winemakers are defying convention by growing popular vinifera grapes like Cabernet Sauvignon or Cabernet Franc. But in recent years, a number of vineyards have planted lesser known European grapes considered offbeat for the Midwest, like Gruner Veltliner and Teroldego.An example of an adventurous viticulturalist is Nick Ferrante, owner of Ferrante Winery in … [Read more...]