September 21, 2017

Would You Like A State Funded Wine Organization?

The state funded wine organizations, like those in Missouri, Indiana and Michigan, can be a tremendous boost to their local wine industries because of the marketing help and education they can provide to winemakers. Irv Geary and the MGGA contacted Midwest Wine Press and asked if we could investigate the structure and funding of the wine boards or councils in these three states, to help with the … [Read more...]

Report on State Wine Orgs Presented at Cold Climate Conference

Sponsored by the Minnesota Grape Growers Association (MGGA), Midwest Wine Press attended the MGGA's recent Cold Climate Conference (CCC), in Minneapolis. The conference was an impressive affair, attracting a considerable regional audience of cold climate winemakers and grape growers. Evening events, like the wine tasting bonanza called the Winter Wine Fest, were attended by at least several … [Read more...]

TTB Approves Names of Midwest Varietals

Effective November 28, 2011,  the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and  Trade Bureau approved the names of  certain varietals as requested by various breeders, vineyards and wineries in the Midwest.   Under the TTB ruling,  these varietal names can now be used in designating wines so consumers can more readily ask for and read about them by name.  The ruling also allows the use of the new varietal names on … [Read more...]

John Marshall From the Vineyard

Editor's note: This is the first of a series of columns by John Marshall of Great River Vineyard in Lake City, Minnesota This season, like every season it seems, has been very atypical.  Spring started us off cool, which brought on a late blossom. It gave us more time to get our spring work done but got the growing season off to a late start. This, mixed with copious rain (we got 7”+ in one … [Read more...]