September 21, 2017

Would You Like A State Funded Wine Organization?

The state funded wine organizations, like those in Missouri, Indiana and Michigan, can be a tremendous boost to their local wine industries because of the marketing help and education they can provide to winemakers. Irv Geary and the MGGA contacted Midwest Wine Press and asked if we could investigate the structure and funding of the wine boards or councils in these three states, to help with the … [Read more...]

Michigan Doubles Wine Grape Acreage

TheĀ Michigan Grape and Wine Industry Council says the state's wine grape acreage doubled over the past decadeĀ from 1,300 to 2,650 acres. The data comes from a USDA report based on the 2011 Michigan Fruit Survey.Riesling is the most planted grape with 595 acres, up from 204 acres in 2002, followed by Pinot Noir with 235 acres, up from 93.The announcement was made to coincide with another … [Read more...]