September 19, 2017

Report on State Wine Orgs Presented at Cold Climate Conference

Sponsored by the Minnesota Grape Growers Association (MGGA), Midwest Wine Press attended the MGGA's recent Cold Climate Conference (CCC), in Minneapolis. The conference was an impressive affair, attracting a considerable regional audience of cold climate winemakers and grape growers. Evening events, like the wine tasting bonanza called the Winter Wine Fest, were attended by at least several … [Read more...]

Michigan’s Grape Harvest Down 50%

The Michigan Grape and Wine Industry Council is anticipating approximately a 50% reduction in the size of the state’s wine grape crop compared to the record 7,600 tons reported in 2013. A Council media release says the severe cold from January to March reduced the fruitfulness of the more cold-sensitive varieties. See 2014 Vintage Report Michigan for full details. … [Read more...]

Michigan Wine is Now Pure Michigan

Glance at the cars parked at wineries like Chateau Chantal on Michigan’s Old Mission Peninsula this summer, and you’ll increasingly find plates from Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, and New York.Marketing director Marie Chantal-Dalese thinks it's no accident that she’s seeing more and more visitors from other states.  A  “Pure Michigan” marketing campaign that launched in 2006 has again gone national … [Read more...]