October 20, 2017

Making Marquette: In the Vineyard

A decade after Marquette's release by the University of Minnesota, Midwest Wine Press is checking in on its progress with help from Calico Skies winemaker, Will Kimberley. Marquette is one of the only grape varieties capable of making quality dry red wine in the colder parts of our region. The variety was developed by the University of Minnesota’s well respected cold hardy grape breeding … [Read more...]

How’s Marquette Doing in New York?

New York Cork Report reports that New York Grape Growers are having mixed results with Marquette.   In the middle and end of the article,  the Cork Report has some good interviews with winemakers who are making estate grown Marquette in Upstate New York.  Last year, Midwest Wine Press visited with Gerry Barnard (correct spelling) of Victory View Vineyard in Schaghticoke, NY.   Gary reported that … [Read more...]

KDL Needs to Be Studied Scientifically

What a growing season it has been.   It began the first week in March with several days at and soon above 80 F.  Many weeks before they should, our buds were swelling and soon after shoots appeared.  At that time, if someone offered me $500 for my eight acres of grapes, I would have taken it.  It did not seem likely that my crop would still be intact two months later, mid-May, when we … [Read more...]

Four Daughters Winery Opens in Minnesota as Familial Affair

The trend of Midwestern farmers diversifying from row crops to grapes is growing.  For the Vogt family in Southern Minnesota, the motivation for starting the Four Daughters Winery, which opened December 15th,  has much to do with continuing the family farm.Vicky Vogt has farmed the 5,000  acres  that  Four Daughters now partially occupies with her husband Gary for more than 25 years. As she … [Read more...]