March 27, 2015

Paul Santoriello’s Advice on Lowering Acidity in Cool Climate Grapes

steve franzoi

Recently, my family had the privilege of receiving a behind-the scenes tour of the Peninsula Winery/Distillery located just north of Sturgeon Bay in Door County. Our tour guide was Paul Santoriello, the chief winemaker.Paul is a California native who was educated in plant biology, soil science and viticulture at the University of California at Davis. Prior to assuming his duties at Door … [Read more...]

Foch Maintains a Midwest Following

Audrey Grace

 When the Marechal Foch wine grape was introduced in 1920, the name "Foch" probably seemed like a winner.  At the time, WW I French General Ferdinand Foch was a well know public figure for his role in ending the Great War.Today, General Foch  (pronounced "Fosh") is all but forgotten except for the European streets that bear his name.  The Foch grape has also lost ground. Dozens of … [Read more...]

Nan Bailly Guides Alexis Bailly Vineyard


It's possible that winemaker Nan Bailly's kin enjoyed native Minnesota wine during canoe trips through the state in the 1820's when it was still wilderness.  Bailly, owner, winegrower and winemaker at Alexis Bailly Vineyard,  has a picture of her Minnesota voyageur ancestor, also named Alexis Bailly,  in the tasting room of the winery.The original intrepid Bailly explorer would be proud of his … [Read more...]

Conquering Acidity in American Wines


In this edition of  Midwest Wine Press, wine production consultant Clark Smith presents a comprehensive overview of acid adjustment geared to Midwest winemakers. He first reviews the basic chemistry of wine acidity with humor and plain English. Then, groundwork is laid for making smart choices to lower acidity without letting pH get out of control. Next, the advantages and trade-offs of the … [Read more...]