September 20, 2017

Crop Report From Wis.’ Largest Winery

Wollersheim Winery in Wisconsin is one of the best hybrid winemakers in the Midwest which is why we write about them so often in Midwest Wine Press.  (Like all the best Midwest wines, Wollersheim wine is just good wine, plain and simple.)For the estate grown wines, Wollersheim's main grape is Foch with over 20 acres under cultivation.Growing Foch in Wisconsin is not for the faint of heart. … [Read more...]

Foch Maintains a Midwest Following

 When the Marechal Foch wine grape was introduced in 1920, the name "Foch" probably seemed like a winner.  At the time, WW I French General Ferdinand Foch was a well know public figure for his role in ending the Great War.Today, General Foch  (pronounced "Fosh") is all but forgotten except for the European streets that bear his name.  The Foch grape has also lost ground. Dozens of … [Read more...]

Wisconsin Expert Addresses State of the Grapes

As a result of the number of wineries in Wisconsin almost doubling in just the past several years, there has been an increased demand for wine grapes.  Currently, all of the approximately 1,000 acres of cold hardy grapes being grown in Wisconsin are sold to winemakers.At a recent meeting of the Wisconsin Vintner's Association in Milwaukee, Dr. Dean Volenberg of the University of … [Read more...]