September 19, 2017

The First “Bottle Shock” Was in the Midwest

Many of us are familiar with the prestigious wine judging that took place in Paris in 1976 in honor of the American Bi-Centennial. The event was commemorated, or should we say celebrated by the Americans at least, in the movie “Bottle Shock.”Designed to be a competition between several well-regarded American wines vs. a selection of some of France’s most famed wines it took on … [Read more...]

“Grandma Ester” and Other Wine Aromas

How can a winemaker craft a white wine that does not have the unexciting vinous smell of white wine?  According to Dr. Anna Katherine Mansfield of Cornell University,  the winemaker's art is accentuating a quality already in the grape that will rise above the baseline aroma giving the wine sensory impact.Two well established characteristics of wine conspire to reduce aroma, Mansfield explained … [Read more...]