October 20, 2017

Championing Ohio Wines, Vino Where You Live

The regionally-themed Paris wine bar Le Reserve de Quasimodo has been serving clients continuously since the 1200's.  But the concept of a regionally-themed wine bar in the Midwest has almost no history.  Now, Tom and Laura Noonen want to rock the wine bar world – by putting Ohio wines toe-to-toe with international and national labels and demonstrating that Ohio wines will hold up to stiff … [Read more...]

Kinkead Ridge Eloquently Praised by “Other 46”

The "Other 46" Local Wine Blog at www.theother46.com posted an effusively enthusiastic review of Kinkead Ridge '10 Riesling recently.  Midwest Wine Press does not normally post wine reviews, but Kinkead Ridge is for sale and we would like to help the owners, Ron and Nancy, find a suitable buyer.   Please see this link for more info: http://www.kinkeadridge.com/forsale.htm   … [Read more...]

Southern Ohio Wine Renaissance

For the last 10 years, southern Ohio has been carefully rebuilding its reputation as a premiere wine-growing area – a title it once held more than one hundred years ago when the Ohio River Valley was known as the nation’s wine capital, and its largest wine grower, Nicholas Longworth, was known as the “Father of American wines.”Credit the area’s fertile limestone soils, a moderate climate and … [Read more...]