September 20, 2017

Frontenac Blanc’s Promising Future

Frontenac blanc, a mutation of Frontenac gris, is the latest member of the Frontenac grape family. Viticulture experts say the variety was first observed in Quebec during 2005 and that the mutation was probably taking place at several Canadian and Minnesota vineyards at roughly the same time.The parent grape, Frontenac, was introduced by the University of Minnesota in 1996. This dark … [Read more...]

John Marshall From the Vineyard

Editor's note: This is the first of a series of columns by John Marshall of Great River Vineyard in Lake City, Minnesota This season, like every season it seems, has been very atypical.  Spring started us off cool, which brought on a late blossom. It gave us more time to get our spring work done but got the growing season off to a late start. This, mixed with copious rain (we got 7”+ in one … [Read more...]