October 16, 2017

Tasting Rooms with No Tasting Notes Sell More Wine

A Cornell University study has found that winery tasting rooms with tasting sheets that don’t include sensory descriptions, sell more wine. The research could be particularly relevant to wineries across the Midwest that rely on tasting rooms for most of their wine sales.One of the authors, Professor Miguel Gomez, told Vineyard & Winery Management that, “The study has raised the issue with … [Read more...]

Defining the Midwest Wine Tourist

There's no denying that the Midwest wine tourism phenomena is real. Visiting a regional winery is a genuine experience that consumers, especially urban consumers, savor.Identifying the exact appeal of a Midwest winery trip is difficult.  To me, regional wine represents a reconnection to the American core values of self-reliance and self-sufficiency on a local level. A regional winery is one of … [Read more...]

Four Simple Ways to Increase Tasting Room Revenue

Would you like to increase your winery tasting room revenue?   With wine country visits increasing during the fall, now is the time to make the most of sales opportunities and increase your bottom line.  Here are four simple ideas to boost tasting room revenue: Increase sales to existing customers This is the easiest way to increase revenue.  The familiar 80/20 rule applies in the tasting room; … [Read more...]

Six Steps to Great Winery Customer Service

One of the student projects I assign for my Viticulture Enology Science Technology Alliance (VESTA) Tasting Room Management class is an evaluation of a winery tasting room.  The number one area my students say needs improvement in wineries is customer service.Wineries are popping up everywhere, and for a customer who has a bad service experience, there is always another new winery to visit.   … [Read more...]