October 17, 2017

Prima Cider Rides the Hard Cider Wave

Imagine a fermented beverage that was once popular and jovial, then ravaged by prohibition, finally driven to the brink of extinction, only to be kept alive by farmers and locavores for decades.  Years later, the same drink slowly experiences a renaissance. Recognized for its unique and varied taste profile, the beverage makes its way from craft brewers to the mainstream. This is the story of … [Read more...]

Owl Creek Vineyard Eyes Southern Illinois Apples

The old Niagara vines, planted in 1980 by Owl Creek Vineyard founder and Midwest wine pioneer Ted Wichmann, still produce wine in Southern Illinois' first post Prohibition vineyard.    Owl Creek's current owner, Brad Genung, is carrying on the pioneering tradition as he develops the first hand crafted hard ciders on the Shawnee Hills Wine Trail using local apples as the raw material.The new … [Read more...]