September 21, 2017

Indy International Wine Comp Spectacular

“I declare the 25th Olympiad of wine open!” announced Christian Butzke, Purdue University’s professor of enology. It was a timely witticism with the Olympics in Rio getting underway at the same time as the Indy International Wine Competition. Christian was chief wine judge and a magisterial and Monty Pythonesque M.C. at last week’s Indy.As he introduced the competition - in Purdue’s … [Read more...]

Red Storm Rising Across Northern Wineries

Cold hardy red wine grapes appear to be in a kind of limbo, looking for an identity, a style, a flavor profile to call their own. Unlike the hardy whites that seem to have found a light, flowery, fruity, crispness that cannot be found out west or nearly anywhere, our reds seem to be trying to imitate California.To be sure our reds have improved in palatability but until we become comfortable … [Read more...]