September 20, 2017

MWP and Craft Beverages Unlimited Midwest 2016

In a couple of months’ time, wine industry people from across the Midwest will gather in St. Charles, Missouri for one of the biggest wine conferences in our region. One difference this year is a name change: what was formerly called the Midwest Wine Conference is now Craft Beverages Unlimited Midwest. This time, winemakers, distillers and brewers are under one roof, but attending three separate … [Read more...]

Ardon Creek Winery: Heinz Tomatoes to Hybrid Grapes

159 years ago, an Irish family made its way to Southeast Iowa and settled between the rivers Cedar and Mississippi. The descendants of that family reside there still, and display their ancestral pride through a symbolic three-leaf clover, artfully worked into the logo of the family’s current venture: a vineyard and winery named Ardon Creek.“I was raised here, and all the Furlongs in our … [Read more...]

Acquaviva Winery’s Multi-Row Bird Netting

Aquaviva Winery is using bird netting that covers multiple rows at its 20 acre vineyard in Northeast Illinois on the outskirts of Chicagoland.   According to general manager, Joe Brandonisio,  only red grapes are covered with special bird netting that goes over multiple rows.The larger nets make is easier to get tractors down the rows, he said.  Vines also benefit from not being crimped by … [Read more...]