September 19, 2017

Tragedy At Harkness Edwards Vineyards

Lightening has again claimed one of the Midwest's best wineries.  Harkness Edwards Vineyard near Lexington is reportedly a complete loss after a fire Tuesday night.  Harkness Edwards has appeared several times in Midwest Wine Press recently; their groundbreaking new Cab Dore and unique labels and marketing strategies are just two examples of Harkness Edwards' leadership role in Kentucky and … [Read more...]

Cab Dore’ Combines Best of Old and New Worlds

 Homepage photo: Joseph and Lucian Dressel When you read all the old grape breeding literature from John Adlum to George Hussmann to U.P. Hedrick to Philip Wagner, the one common theme is the endless search for high quality wine grapes that will grow in the East. Wagner, as the promoter and propagator of the French Hybrids, is really the founder of the modern Eastern wine industry, yet … [Read more...]

Women Prefer Wine With a Story To Tell

More Midwest wineries are realizing that women like to be marketed to differently. According to The Beverage Information Group, women accounted for 58.1 percent of wine buyers in 2011.While many men look to ratings to give them advice, women are much more influenced by the stories behind the bottle and the entire social experience of wine. In the Sommelier Journal, Liz Thach, who teaches wine … [Read more...]