October 16, 2017

Frontenac Blanc’s Promising Future

Frontenac blanc, a mutation of Frontenac gris, is the latest member of the Frontenac grape family. Viticulture experts say the variety was first observed in Quebec during 2005 and that the mutation was probably taking place at several Canadian and Minnesota vineyards at roughly the same time.The parent grape, Frontenac, was introduced by the University of Minnesota in 1996. This dark … [Read more...]

NPR: Frontenac Blanc Bottled in New York

Today, National Public Radio did a national four-minute segment on cold climate grapes and wine!   Considering NPR reaches 19 million people per month, today's radio segment by David Sommerstein is probably the largest public relations plug ever for cold hardy wines.   (Some of his facts about Frontenac don't sound exactly correct,  but who's nitpicking such a great report?)NPR also broke a … [Read more...]

Northern White Hybrids Form a New Class of Wine

I was in Arizona years ago attending a wedding and I sought out some local wineries to satisfy my curiosity. It was fascinating seeing vineyards clinging to arid mountainsides, some bordered by impossible looking desert rivers. I recall thinking how different each of these wines would be, each in its own mini-climate.Alcantara Winery is at the confluence of the Verde River and Oak Creek, … [Read more...]