September 19, 2017

Fisher King Creates a Legend in Wisconsin

Alwyn Fitzgerald named his winery Fisher King after the ancient legend of birth and rebirth.  And September 2011 was the birth of something big for Alwyn “Fitz” Fitzgerald.  That's when he opened a converted plumbing store as Fisher King Winery in downtown Mount Horeb, Wis.  Grapes delivered by local vineyards in the fall of 2011 were crushed and pressed at the Winery’s Mount Horeb facility, … [Read more...]

First Wisconsin Wineries Survey Released

The inaugural  2011 Wisconsin Wineries Survey found that over half of Wisconsin wineries are interested in purchasing Wisconsin grapes this year.   But  the popularity of local fruit can be a challenge for Wisconsin wine makers.  "There's a shortage of certain kinds of grapes," according to Alwyn Fitzgerald,  winemaker at Fisher King Winery in Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin, 15 miles west of Madison.   "To … [Read more...]