October 16, 2017

Iowa’s Fireside Winery to Purchase Ackerman Winery

Fireside Winery in Marengo, Iowa announced that is purchasing Ackerman Winery,  Iowa's oldest operating winery, which is located in the Amana Colonies.  Harry and Louisa Ackerman started the winery in their basement in 1956. Later, Les and Linda Ackerman took over Ackerman and produce mainly fruit and labrusca wines.  Fireside said they believe that Ackerman's fruit wines will complement their own … [Read more...]

Midwest’s Largest Wine Bottle Produced in Iowa

Fireside Winery, in rural Iowa County, Iowa, has a new attraction. On Thursday, June 13th, Iowa’s largest wine bottle was unveiled on the front lawn of Fireside Winery. The metal wine bottle, measuring13’ 7” and weighing 1820 pounds was constructed by local metal artist, Randy Schnebbe. Randy and his wife, AJ, are the owners of RS Welding Studio in Victor, Iowa which specializes in handcrafted, … [Read more...]

Brianna Grape is Midwest’s New Tropical Fruit

When Acquaviva Winery in Maple Park, Illinois petitioned the Tax and Trade Bureau during 2007 to use the name Brianna for their wine labels, they found that only one other winery had petitioned for the name.   From virtually anonymity just five years ago,  Brianna is now growing in popularity all over the Midwest.   Grape growers like this wine grape for its cold hardiness, surviving temperatures … [Read more...]

Fireside Winery Engages Volunteers

Winery workers are accustomed to customers who say how much they would like to work at a winery.  Brad Johnson, external relations manager at Fireside Winery in Marengo, Iowa, is now making his customer's wishes come true through two carefully monitored volunteer programs at Fireside. (One of the 10 largest wineries in Iowa, Fireside, after only 5 years in business,  has an annual production … [Read more...]