October 16, 2017

Mike White Talks About Drift at NIWG Meeting

In spite of the wintry weather, we had 30 attendees at the Northern Illinois Wine Growers (NIWG) meeting on Saturday, January 25, at Famous Fossil Vineyard and Winery in Freeport, Illinois, west of  Rockford.  In addition to educational events, NIWG volunteers also manage a research vineyard located at Galena Cellars Winery near Galena, Illinois.Our featured speaker on Saturday was … [Read more...]

Growing Organic Wine Grapes in The Midwest

Frontenac Grapes at Famous Fossil Winery, Freeport, Ill. Until the Japanese beetles came, Famous Fossil Vineyard & Winery in Freeport, Illinois was certified biodynamic. That status changed in July, 2011, after Ken Rosmann discovered the first Japanese beetle in his vineyard.  Millions more followed, and as organic sprays failed to control the beetles, Rosmann and his wife, Pam, were … [Read more...]