July 26, 2017

US Versus Europe Taste Off at VitiNord ’15

The 2015 VitiNord International Viticulture & Enology Conference is taking place from 11-14 November in Nebraska City. This year, the leading event focusing on the latest advances in cold hardy grape growing and winemaking around the world, will include a unique ‘taste off’ between cold hardy hybrids and European hybrids.Organizer and grape breeder, Tom Plocher, says attendees will be able … [Read more...]

Grape Harvesting in Indiana Today

Kyle Clayton of Indiana Public Media has filed a report about today's grape harvest at Creekbend Vineyard in Indiana. There are some nice pictures of the grapes! Read more at: http://indianapublicmedia.org/news/drought-heat-produces-good-grapes-indiana-wineries-34311/ … [Read more...]