October 20, 2017

Making Marquette: In the Vineyard

A decade after Marquette's release by the University of Minnesota, Midwest Wine Press is checking in on its progress with help from Calico Skies winemaker, Will Kimberley. Marquette is one of the only grape varieties capable of making quality dry red wine in the colder parts of our region. The variety was developed by the University of Minnesota’s well respected cold hardy grape breeding … [Read more...]

US Versus Europe Taste Off at VitiNord ’15

The 2015 VitiNord International Viticulture & Enology Conference is taking place from 11-14 November in Nebraska City. This year, the leading event focusing on the latest advances in cold hardy grape growing and winemaking around the world, will include a unique ‘taste off’ between cold hardy hybrids and European hybrids.Organizer and grape breeder, Tom Plocher, says attendees will be able … [Read more...]

2015 Midwest Winery Rankings

The Midwest wine industry continues to grow. The number of wineries in the 11 state area Midwest Wine Press covers rebounded strongly during 2014 after barely growing at all during 2013. During 2014, the number of Federal Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) winery permits in the Midwest increased by 7% to 1,264.Midwest Wine Press has been tracking winery permits since 2012. During … [Read more...]

Northern Grapes Project Webinar Schedule

Webinars are generally presented on the second Tuesday (subject to change) of each month from November through April, once at noon and again at 7 PM Eastern (11 AM and 6 PM Central).November 20, 2014 “Trellis Design and Construction and Pruning Fundamentals Prior to Your First Cut” Steve Lerch, Cornell University and Mike White, Iowa State UniversityDecember 16, 2014 “Stuck on you – … [Read more...]

Winter Damage Report From Dean Volenberg

University of Wisconsin Extension Agent Dean Volenberg's "IPM Reports" are always excellent and his most recent report is one of the best assessments of this winter's effect on Midwestern commercial grape growing.Dr. Volenberg maintains a vineyard in Sturgeon Bay Wisconsin. In Sturgeon Bay, there were 22 separate days this winter in which the temperature did not get above zero F. Talk about a … [Read more...]

Frontenac Blanc’s Promising Future

Frontenac blanc, a mutation of Frontenac gris, is the latest member of the Frontenac grape family. Viticulture experts say the variety was first observed in Quebec during 2005 and that the mutation was probably taking place at several Canadian and Minnesota vineyards at roughly the same time.The parent grape, Frontenac, was introduced by the University of Minnesota in 1996. This dark … [Read more...]

NGP Analysis: How to Grow the Midwest Wine Industry

Professor Bill Gartner from the University of Minnesota and a team of researchers have surveyed hundreds of wineries in the Midwest and northern USA. The survey is part of an ongoing study by a consortium of universities for the Northern Grapes Project (NGP). The main aim of Gartner’s project is to determine which government policies are best for local wine industries based on cold hardy grapes. … [Read more...]

Should New Hybrid Grapes Be More Old World?

Evaluating wine is no easy job.Many art forms - like music and painting- continually develop new genres to accommodate new influences.  But wine is different.  Even today, wine appreciation is based on the proposition that a very limited number of grapes can produce "quality" wine.The highly subjective nature of wine comparison creates a dilemma for Midwest winemakers.  Non-European grapes … [Read more...]

Cold Hardy Grapes Having Big Impact

Cold-hardy wine grapes developed by the University of Minnesota and private breeders since the late 1990's have generated a new and vibrant farm winery industry, pumping $401 million and 12,600 jobs into the United States economy in 2011, according to a study released by University of Minnesota Extension researchers Bill Gartner and Brigid Tuck.The key to this economic impact was the release … [Read more...]

Colorado Growing University of Minnesota Grapes

The Minnesota and Wisconsin Grape Growers Associations uncovered an article in the Denver Post today about cold hardy wine grapes being planted in Colorado.  The story says that Marquette, Frontenac and La Crescent, all developed by the University of Minnesota, are being planted in the Grand Valley of  Colorado. The Grand Valley is along the Utah-Colorado border near the city of Grand … [Read more...]