May 26, 2017

Indy International Wine Comp Spectacular

“I declare the 25th Olympiad of wine open!” announced Christian Butzke, Purdue University’s professor of enology. It was a timely witticism with the Olympics in Rio getting underway at the same time as the Indy International Wine Competition. Christian was chief wine judge and a magisterial and Monty Pythonesque M.C. at last week’s Indy.As he introduced the competition - in Purdue’s … [Read more...]

Purdue: Wine Capital of Indiana

Homepage Photo: The Richard P. Vine Enology Library at Purdue University. State supported agriculture schools are a big reason for the growth of the Midwest wine industry. And perhaps no Midwestern university supports a wider range of efforts to promote local wine than Purdue University in West Lafayette. In many respects, the face of the Indiana wine is Purdue.From small offices in the … [Read more...]