September 21, 2017

INDY 2017 Wine Competition As It Happened

Judgement Day had arrived. On 24th May, with fifty wine judges in white lab coats poised to start blind tasting almost 2,000 wines, the 26th annual INDY International Wine Competition opened with remarks from the mercurially entertaining Christian Butzke.The Purdue University Enology professor and the wine championship’s chief judge offered guidance to the judges.  He said it was important … [Read more...]

Indy International Wine Comp Spectacular

“I declare the 25th Olympiad of wine open!” announced Christian Butzke, Purdue University’s professor of enology. It was a timely witticism with the Olympics in Rio getting underway at the same time as the Indy International Wine Competition. Christian was chief wine judge and a magisterial and Monty Pythonesque M.C. at last week’s Indy.As he introduced the competition - in Purdue’s … [Read more...]

Purdue: Wine Capital of Indiana

Homepage Photo: The Richard P. Vine Enology Library at Purdue University. State supported agriculture schools are a big reason for the growth of the Midwest wine industry. And perhaps no Midwestern university supports a wider range of efforts to promote local wine than Purdue University in West Lafayette. In many respects, the face of the Indiana wine is Purdue.From small offices in the … [Read more...]