October 17, 2017

The Wine World Discovers Northern Michigan

For 200 years, grapegrowers have been experimenting with European wine varietals in the Midwestern United States.  While growing old world grapes in the Midwest will never be easy, some regions are quietly gaining an international reputation.  One such area is the Leelanau Peninsula in Northern Michigan, which has been winning prestigious awards and attracting recent attention from the wine … [Read more...]

Great Lakes Riesling Steps Onto The World Stage

Riesling originated in the Germany's Rhine and Mosel valleys in the 1400's. The grape is currently grown across the globe; South Africa has Cape Riesling,  British Columbia has Okanagan Riesling and Bulgaria has Misket, a Riesling hybrid.  Now there's a new Riesling producer on the world stage:  The Great Lakes region of the United States.From the Leelanau Peninsula of Michigan to Ohio's Grand … [Read more...]

2012 Michigan Wine and Spirits Competition Report

The 2012 Michigan Wine and Spirits Competition results were announced this week.The top award-winners are:Best of Class Dry White:  Chateau Fontaine - 2011 Pinot BlancBest of Class Dry Red:  Shady Lane Cellars - 2010 Blue FrancBest of Class Sparkling Wine:  L. Mawby - Blanc de BlancsBest of Class Semi-Dry White:  Fenn Valley Vineyards - 2011 Vignoles ReserveBest of Class … [Read more...]