September 20, 2017

Michigan’s Bonobo Winery to Be Featured on ABC-TV’s “The Chew”

Tune in to ABC’s “The Chew” at 1pm this Tuesday, June 24th and get a sneak peak of Traverse City native, HGTV celebrity and Bonobo Winery founder, Carter Oosterhouse as he shares wines from the 2012 vintage with the hosts (Northern Michigan loving-Mario Batalli is one of the esteemed hosts) of “The Chew”. Carter and brother Todd Oosterhouse are set to open Bonobo Winery late summer 2014. Bonobo … [Read more...]

Bonobo Winery Opening Now Slated for August

Todd Oosterhouse tells Midwest Wine Press that the new Bonobo Winery is now set to open during August. Weather conditions are a wild card for any construction project and heavy snow cover has caused some delays, Oosterhouse said.Bonobo Winery is now making wine with the winery's estate grown grapes and the help of other local winemakers, Oosterhouse said.Bonobo has 20 acres of grapes on … [Read more...]

Bononbo Winery Set to Open Mid-2014

The Traverse City Ticker reports that Bonobo Winery - a joint venture of Todd and Carter Oosterhouse- will be opening late spring/early summer 2104.See related story: Oosterhouse Traverse City Winery to Called Bonobo … [Read more...]

Oosterhouse TC Winery to be Called Bonobo

Midwest Wine Press does not read US Magazine often for wine news, but the Hollywood celebrity rag broke the big news yesterday about the new winery in the Traverse City area.   Drum roll.....the name of Todd Oosterhouse's new winery will be:  Bonobo.  (A kind of monkey.)The folks in LA who write for US are a little confused about Northern Michigan geography and place names.  In the following … [Read more...]