September 21, 2017

Black Star Farms Boldly Goes Where No Pinot Has Gone Before

Wine: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the Michigan wine industry. To explore strange new worlds for grapes, to seek out new terrain for viticulture and boldly go where no grape grower has gone before.The Michigan wine industry has progressed light years since the '70s when 90% of Michigan's production was sweet labrusca wines. And it was less than 40 years ago when the Buzz Aldrin … [Read more...]

Midwest Wineries Start Using QR Codes

With over 50% of Americans now having smartphones, Midwest wineries are finding QR codes help them engage with their customers both in retail stores and at their wineries.The Midwest wine industry is seeing more and more QR codes popping up on everything from wine labels to tasting room menus. Quick Response Codes can hold nearly as much information as traditional UPC codes and are known for … [Read more...]