September 21, 2017

Indiana’s Bill Oliver Wins Lifetime Achievement Award

At the recent Eastern Winery Exposition in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Bill Oliver, president of Oliver Winery, won a Lifetime Achievement Award. Bill runs one of the leading (and biggest) wineries in our region. It's also 100% employee owned. You can read about Bill's winery in our profile: Oliver Winery's Journey to Become Midwest's Largest Winery  … [Read more...]

New Frontiers for Midwest’s Biggest Winery

Next to Oliver Winery’s Creekbend Vineyard is a small graveyard where the original 19th century homesteaders were laid to rest.  These pioneers came to Indiana when it was a virtual wilderness. Sometimes I wonder if those of us living today would be able to handle the rigors Midwestern pilgrims faced.It’s hard to imagine our generation building houses and clearing fields with crude tools and … [Read more...]

Take An Interstate 80 Midwest Wine Tour

A common thread stitching together the Midwest states is Interstate 80 (I-80) which connects the Midwest to both coasts.  I-80 pushes like a needle through Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa and Nebraska, zipping past Great Lakes, crossing rivers, plunging into valleys and crossing plains.Wine lovers who travel I-80, sampling local wines as they go, can see for themselves how each state’s … [Read more...]