October 20, 2017

The Wine Industry Can Bring Vignoles Out of the Shadows

This article by Andrew Meggitt of St. James Winery in Missouri is a follow-up to his August 2015 story titled, Growing Vignoles on a Commercial Scale . In a famous line from the 2004 movie “Sideways,” Miles, the anxious protagonist and Pinot Noir fan, forcefully declares that he will not drink any merlot.Hence termed the “Sideways Effect,” the movie rocketed the previously niche Pinot Noir … [Read more...]

Growing Vignoles on a Commercial Scale

This is the first of two part series about Vignoles from Andrew Meggitt, executive winemaker at St. James Winery in St. James, MO.  Next month, look for the second story titled, "How the Wine Industry Can Bring the Vignoles Grape Out of the Shadows." The Vignoles grape is an up-and-coming favorite among wine enthusiasts, but the prospect of growing this finicky fruit on a commercial scale can … [Read more...]

Vignoles Rises Above Hybrid Stigma

From Ohio to Missouri, Vignoles is earning the praise of critics and wine drinkers who are now recognizing the quality of regional wines made from hybrid grapes.  Vignoles is an especially versatile grape; it can be picked midseason or left on the vine until the grapes are raisins. Vignoles can also make dry wine, dessert wine, or ice wine.See related story:  River City Vignoles Wins 2012 Indy … [Read more...]