September 19, 2017

Foch Maintains a Midwest Following

 When the Marechal Foch wine grape was introduced in 1920, the name "Foch" probably seemed like a winner.  At the time, WW I French General Ferdinand Foch was a well know public figure for his role in ending the Great War.Today, General Foch  (pronounced "Fosh") is all but forgotten except for the European streets that bear his name.  The Foch grape has also lost ground. Dozens of … [Read more...]

Minnesota Winemakers Mastering Ice Wines

The warmest parts of Minnesota are in USDA climate zone 4b so wine grapes there have to withstand -25F from time to time.   Rising to meet the challenge,  The University of Minnesota has developed a cutting edge reputation for developing new varieties of cold climate grapes.  Some of these new grape varietals,  including LaCrescent, Frontenac and Frontenac Gris,  are so new by wine grape standards … [Read more...]