September 18, 2017

AgriOzein Winery Systems

AgriOzein is making advances in the vineyard and winery industry. With the assistance of AgriOzein, farmers are using water treatment systems for their wine making operations the safe way, without chemicals and pesticides.AgriOzein LLC supplies ozone water treatment systems for agriculture with specific expertise in vineyard and winery applications. These systems have been proven to control … [Read more...]

Cold Climate Grape Brainstorming in Europe

Greetings from Neubrandenburg, Germany! I've just returned from attending VitiNord2012, an international cold climate grape growing conference that was held in Germany and Poland.I'm co-owner of Mac’s Creek Winery and Vineyards in Lexington Nebraska and Professor at the University of Nebraska at Kearney. Our 15 acre vineyard and winery were established 10 years ago. The grapes we grow, … [Read more...]