September 20, 2017

Minnesota- Free Solar Energy ROI Analysis

Maximize your solar resource from grape growth to energy generation that will improve your bottom line and make your clients smile. Harvest Energy Solutions is the Midwest’s largest installer of solar in the agriculture industry, we know farm operations and how to best utilize your solar crop.
When you take advantage of the federal tax credit and accelerated depreciation allowed to farm operations, a solar project from Harvest can deliver energy to your farm at 5 – 6 cents per kilowatt hour, for thirty years.
Visit us at the 2014 Cold Climate Conference in St. Paul, Feb 20 -22. Bring a copy of your energy bill for an in-conference ROI analysis. Or just email us a pic and we will make it happen electronically. We look forward to helping the Midwest Wine Industry get the most out of the sun! Tom Karas

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