September 20, 2017

California- DNA Based Grape Varietal Idenfification

Foundation Plant Services offers DNA-based grape varietal identification and profiling on a fee-for-service basis. The services make “DNA Fingerprinting” technology available to nursery managers, grape growers, wineries, breeders and other industry representatives. Grape varieties are identified by comparing the DNA profile of a grapevine sample to Foundation Plant Services’ Grape DNA Identification Reference Database. The database contains DNA profiles of over 1200 grape varieties from major grape growing regions around the world and includes wine grape, table grape, raisin and rootstock varieties.  A second service provides the client with the unique DNA profile of the variety. Both domestic clients and clients from outside the U.S. may submit samples for analysis.

Results are typically ready in three to four weeks. An invoice will be sent with the results when testing is complete.  Payment is due upon receipt of invoice

Service 1: DNA Identification of Grape Varieties

This service determines or confirms the varietal identity of a particular grapevine. A sample from the vine in question is typed at eight microsatellite DNA markers. The resulting DNA profile (the DNA Fingerprint) is compared with Foundation Plant Services’ Database of Grape Reference Profiles. Leaves are the standard sample, but other tissues including fruit, roots and dormant cuttings can also be fingerprinted. Sample collection materials and instructions are provided as part of the service.

Price:     1-5 samples                          $300 per sample

               6 or more samples             $225 per sample

(There is a $40 per sample surcharge for all sample types other than leaves.)

Service 2: DNA Profiling of Grape Varieties

This service provides a unique DNA profile (DNA Fingerprint) of a grape variety. Two separate samples of a grape variety are typed at ten microsatellite DNA markers. The use of ten DNA markers ensures to an extremely high degree of confidence that the profile is unique to the variety. The resulting profile is provided to the client.

Price:     DNA Profiling                        $1000 per sample

(Only leaf samples are accepted for the DNA Profiling Service.)

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