September 20, 2017

Missouri’s 2017 Show Me Grape and Wine Conference

The Show Me State has a Show Me wine conference for the second year in a row. The University of Missouri's Grape and Wine Institute (GWI) is staging its Show Me Grape and Wine Conference and Symposium from March 8th to 10th at the Hampton Inn & Suites in Colombia.The notable absence of Vineyard & Winery Management's Midwest wine conference - an event that has taken place in various … [Read more...]

Realizing the Aroma Potential Of Cold Hardy Grapes

Giddy upIt’s an exciting time in the hybrid grape and wine world because for the first time significant research has been carried out on hybrid grapes and wine in search of defining chemical aroma profiles unique to individual varieties! The aromatics of a wine are the subtle nuances (beyond the basic sugars, organic acids, etc.) that are worth pursuing because they can add complexity or … [Read more...]

Chemical Free, Ageworthy Wines in the Midwest

In the Batman movie, The Dark Knight, the Joker (played by the late Heath Ledger) notes the scared reaction to his crazy acts of violence and says, "Why so serious?" In The Dark Grape, he might have said, "Why so toxic?" as he observed the large amount of chemicals used on vineyards around the world.When it comes to using chemicals on vines, pre-emptive strikes - much like US foreign policy - … [Read more...]

Cue Tannin Binding Now

This article is sponsored by Scott Laboratories. For more information on product offerings, please contact Scott Labs at 800-821-7254 or visit Scott Laboratories.This is the second part of the story about tannins in hybrid grapes and wine. To read the first installment click here.Cue Tannin Binding Now For tannin extractability, the opposite side of the coin is tannin binding. Greater … [Read more...]

Fully Flavored, Low Alcohol Wine in the Midwest?

My sources in Australia (dad and mum!) recently sent over a news article about a low alcohol wines ‘breakthrough’ that could have implications for winemaking in the Midwest. ‘Low-Alcohol Wine On It’s Way’, by Sydney Morning Herald wine writer, Huon Hooke, describes a ‘secret’ that New Zealand winemaker and molecular biologist, John Forrest, has uncovered:“Forrest and his team of winemakers and … [Read more...]

Research On Hybrid Tannins Continues

This article is sponsored by Scott Laboratories. For more information on product offerings, please contact Scott Labs at 800-821-7254 or visit Scott Laboratories.This is the first installment in a two part series about tannins in hybrid grapes and wine. Bring on the tannins (or lack thereof)! Are you ready for a rip roaring whirlwind of a story? I felt compelled to write a follow up to the … [Read more...]

Is Australian Chambourcin The Best?

Chambourcin is a very popular grape for winemakers in less extreme temperatures zones of the Midwest. However, like many hybrids, the grape isn't high in tannins and once vinified into dry red wine, it can be plagued by an overly vegetal taste.I haven't tried a huge number of Chambourcin wines - possibly fifteen to twenty -  but even to a fan of hybrid grapes like me, many were simply too … [Read more...]

Report on State Wine Orgs Presented at Cold Climate Conference

Sponsored by the Minnesota Grape Growers Association (MGGA), Midwest Wine Press attended the MGGA's recent Cold Climate Conference (CCC), in Minneapolis. The conference was an impressive affair, attracting a considerable regional audience of cold climate winemakers and grape growers. Evening events, like the wine tasting bonanza called the Winter Wine Fest, were attended by at least several … [Read more...]

VESTA’s Enology Program Makes it Real

I had reached the moment of truth in VIN146, the Introduction to Enology course that forms part of the VESTA wine education program: it was time to bottle my homemade wine.Until now, the weeks spent dabbling with wine juice, chemicals from bentonite to sulfite, daily temperature monitoring and Brix readings had all seemed like innocent fun. It reminded me of being a little boy again when I … [Read more...]

Sheet Filter Set Up and Usage

This Scott Labs' produced video explains the basics of plate filtration in a snappy eight minute video.  Topics include filter order and positioning, rising and sanitation and two stage filtration.  The videos also explain why you need a diversion chamber if different grades of filters are being mixed.See: Sheet Filter Set Up and Usage   … [Read more...]