October 16, 2017

Food Pairing With Frontenac

This series of cold climate wine and food pairing articles started with a couple ideas for LaCrescent in a story titled La Crescent Food Pairing Ideas.This time we will consider Frontenac wines and grapes. The Frontenac grape was one of the early releases in a series of wine grapes from the University of Minnesota. Part of its heritage is Old World European grapes and part is the Riparian … [Read more...]

Lemberger- A Cold Hardy Vinifera

Hidden among the twenty one varieties and forty acres of vines at Domaine Berrien Cellars and Winery in southwest Michigan is a two acre patch of hardy Austrian grapes known as Lemberger. Owner and winemaker Wally Maurer first encountered this grape in Germany while touring Europe with his father-in-law in the early 1990’s. He says it was his love of wine and the similarity of growing conditions … [Read more...]

Build the 3 E’s of Sustainability Into Your Winery

Growing up in New Zealand, the concept of sustainability was engrained in me as a way of life. Most New Zealand families grow their own food, recycle everything they can, and care deeply about energy conservation. Taking that approach and applying it to a business can be challenging because we all have a bottom line to worry about. However, sustainability falls on the shoulders of all individuals … [Read more...]

The Wine Industry Can Bring Vignoles Out of the Shadows

This article by Andrew Meggitt of St. James Winery in Missouri is a follow-up to his August 2015 story titled, Growing Vignoles on a Commercial Scale . In a famous line from the 2004 movie “Sideways,” Miles, the anxious protagonist and Pinot Noir fan, forcefully declares that he will not drink any merlot.Hence termed the “Sideways Effect,” the movie rocketed the previously niche Pinot Noir … [Read more...]

Growing Vignoles on a Commercial Scale

This is the first of two part series about Vignoles from Andrew Meggitt, executive winemaker at St. James Winery in St. James, MO.  Next month, look for the second story titled, "How the Wine Industry Can Bring the Vignoles Grape Out of the Shadows." The Vignoles grape is an up-and-coming favorite among wine enthusiasts, but the prospect of growing this finicky fruit on a commercial scale can … [Read more...]

Swedish Roots in Southern Illinois

It started with a move from Sweden that was only supposed to last one year. Anders and Gerd Hedman never had any intention to stay for longer, but during their short time in Southern Illinois, Anders decided to buy a farm in Alto Pass, Illinois.But the rustic property, which includes a 70 year old peach barn, seemed like home to the Hedmans. So 10 years into their "one year stay," Anders and … [Read more...]

Cosmic Wines from Southwest Michigan

Joe Herman, proprietor of Karma Vista Winery believes he has the best job on the planet. As he puts it, "If I pour myself into my work, at the end of the day, I can pour my work into myself!"Joe knows what he's talking about. As the sixth generation owner of the family farm, he feels his stewardship is a proud tradition to be passed on to new generations of grape growers and winemakers."My … [Read more...]

Miletta Vista Three Years After the Fire

The Miletta Vista fire of 2012 occurred June 23rd. A normal harvest would have begun around August 10th, however, because of the hot, dry conditions in Nebraska vineyards, harvest that year began mid July, a month early.Immediately after the tragedy, Mick and Loretta McDowell said they tried to think about harvest, “but in reality we were still in shock and were concentrating on picking up … [Read more...]

Follow the Moon To Natural Wines

"All-natural" is a phrase frequently bandied about to describe many different products. To Rob and Stacey DeAngelis, it's serious business. They're the owners of DeAngelis Cantina Del Vino, a winery in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Their story is a made-in-the-Midwest success. First, a bit of history about Rob and Stacey before we explore what the term "natural wine" means. Then we'll see how Rob applies … [Read more...]

Chasing Flavors at Three Fires Wine

Driving north out of Traverse City on one of Michigan’s most beautiful roads, M22, it is easy to miss the Three Fires Wine tasting room. Sitting unassumingly in a countryside version of a strip mall, sandwiched between a barn and an art gallery, resides one of the most sophisticated wine experiences you will find in the Midwest, or the country for that matter.If you are looking to replicate … [Read more...]