September 19, 2017

Santa Rosa Writer Likes Cold Hardy Wines

Sonoma County wine writer Dan Berger recently recounted his favorable experiences with cold hardy wines in the Santa Rosa Press Democrat.  Berger tasted some Midwestern wines at the recent Grand Harvest Awards and noted the "growing greatness" of emerging wine regions including Michigan, Wisconsin and Indiana.Berger referred collectively to Midwestern cold hardy wines as "Minnesota wine … [Read more...]

2016 Midwest Wine Conference Schedule

Here are the Midwest Wine Conferences in chronological order.  Some Conferences have not released agendas or speakers yet, so please check back periodically.  This article will be updated as more information becomes available.Heartland Wine Conference, Sponsored by The Kansas Grape Growers and Winemakers Association, January 22-23, 2016, The Sheraton Four Points in Manhattan, KS.The … [Read more...]

Aronia Berries for New Fruit Wine Flavors

Aronia berries, a longtime favorite of wine and liqueur hobbyists, are now available in volume for wine production. Originally a fruit native to the eastern half of the United States, they’re commercially grown from New England westward into the Dakotas. The wine potential of aronia berries is being tapped by wineries clustered mostly in the Midwest. Educators in universities in a number of states … [Read more...]

New Plocher Grapes Now Have Names

Back in February, we told you about two new grapes from cold hardy grape breeder Tom Plocher.  The best known grape from Plocher is the red Petite Pearl grape.  After some good natured ribbing about naming a red grape "Pearl," Plocher decided to let the public pick the names of the new grapes.So this winter, Plocher asked Carlos Creek Winery in Minnesota to use their large social media … [Read more...]

Grapes of the Hudson Valley Has Midwest Appeal

Grapes of the Hudson Valley by Stephen Casscles is a new reference guide that Midwestern grape growers and wine enthusiasts will find compelling.  The Hudson Valley runs north and south down the eastern edge of New York.  This scenic region has a climate similar to much of the Midwest. (USDA grow zone 5 with winter temps as low as -15F.)Within 250 pages, this reference book covers more than … [Read more...]

Midwest Wine Press Fourth Anniversary

This column commemorates the fourth anniversary of Midwest Wine Press.  During that time, we've produced over 500 original articles about our regional wine industry, by far the most of any publication.In retrospect, I would have not chosen the name Midwest Wine Press.  As Minnesota entrepreneur Eric Dalton told the Wall Street Journal, "The (name) Midwest tends to be what's left over after all … [Read more...]

Cold Climate Wine Competition Winners

After much swishing and spitting, winners have been confirmed at the 2015 International Cold Climate Wine Competition (ICCWC), held today at the University of Minnesota’s Continuing Education Conference Center in St. Paul, MN.  The trophy for the best Minnesota grape wine known as the Minnesota Governor’s Cup, was won by Three Oak Wines of Albert Lea, MN, for their single varietal 2014 Frontenac … [Read more...]

‘Super’ Appellations: A View from Minnesota

Here’s the second installment of our series looking at the idea of ‘super’ appellations in the Midwest. We’re bouncing around the idea of uniting parts of our region under a bigger appellation category according to grape variety, rather than terroir, and with strict quality controls. The aim is to help market the best Midwest wines in our region. See related story: 'Super' Appellations: A View … [Read more...]

Virginia Shows the Potential of Midwest Wine

Recently, I returned from a trip to the Central Virginia wine producing region around Charlottesville.  There are many similarities between Virginia and the Midwest that demonstrate the promise of our Midwestern wine industry. Hybrid wines are not only being grown successfully in Virginia, but consumers are buying them.If you haven't heard, Virginia wine is hot. There are now over 200 … [Read more...]

Minnesota Wineries- 60 and Counting

You many not think of local wineries in the context of family farms. But a recent article in portrays Minnesota winery owners as the new small farmers.  We've written extensively about Minnesota wine in Midwest Wine Press- more than any publication over the past four years.  The story keeps getting better because Minnesota wine keeps getting better.See: Minnesota Wineries- 60 … [Read more...]