October 17, 2017

Defining the Midwest Wine Tourist

There's no denying that the Midwest wine tourism phenomena is real. Visiting a regional winery is a genuine experience that consumers, especially urban consumers, savor.Identifying the exact appeal of a Midwest winery trip is difficult.  To me, regional wine represents a reconnection to the American core values of self-reliance and self-sufficiency on a local level. A regional winery is one of … [Read more...]

What’s In A Wine Name, Anyway?

Midwest wine producers face a branding dilemma. Should they market their wine using the correct varietal name such as Marechal Foch, Seyval Blanc or other varietal names unknown to most consumers? Or use “brand names” like Shawnee Gold, Dawg House Red, or Ship of Fools? Just about any marketing department will emphatically respond that “branding” is the way to go. And, it may be in the short term; … [Read more...]

Missouri Wine Girl Gets Social

Danene Beedle, Marketing Director for the Missouri Wine & Grape Board is a huge fan of social media and an advocate for what it can do to promote Midwest wineries and engage customers.From Twitter and Facebook - where Danene goes by the name of MoWineGirl - she practices whatshe preaches. Her regular tweets, beaming out to almost 2,500 followers, come from all corners of the state … [Read more...]

Michigan and Minnesota Wine Strategies Diverge

During February, I attended both the Cold Climate Conference in St. Paul and Michigan Grape and Wine Conference in East Lansing.   The "buzz" at both shows was palpable.  In both Minnesota and Michigan, the energy of growing wine industry filled the air with an optimistic aroma.While the mood was similar, the approach of Michigan and Minnesota towards wine is quite different.  Michigan is now … [Read more...]

What’s Your Marketing Plan for 2013?

Recently,  I read a marketing article that said if the fish aren’t biting in your fishing hole, you need to either change your bait, move to a different fishing hole or change your fishing techniques. Look at what you did last year and if you didn’t get the desired results, change the plan.Start by looking at your marketing plan.  Make adjustments to get more visitors in your tasting room, … [Read more...]

Women Prefer Wine With a Story To Tell

More Midwest wineries are realizing that women like to be marketed to differently. According to The Beverage Information Group, women accounted for 58.1 percent of wine buyers in 2011.While many men look to ratings to give them advice, women are much more influenced by the stories behind the bottle and the entire social experience of wine. In the Sommelier Journal, Liz Thach, who teaches wine … [Read more...]

Midwest Wine Trails Lead to Missouri

Missouri has seen the number of wineries in the state grow from 50 to 118 since 2005.   Missouri also has more wine trails than any other state in the Midwest. Teah Hopper, a marketing specialist for the Missouri Wine and Grape Board, believes that Missouri's wine trails have definitely contributed to the  growth of the Missouri wine industry which now has an economic impact of over $1.6 billion, … [Read more...]

Why Buy Local Wines?

Why should consumers buy local wines? To support the community, to be a locavore, to support their local grape growers and wineries? Yes, yes and yes. But even more importantly, because your local wines are absolutely delicious! Midwest wines are getting better and better every vintage. From hybrids to viniferas, the wineries of the Midwest are constantly and consistently improving their … [Read more...]

Wine Law By The Case: Amazon.com Faces Jungle of Regs

This is the first column for Midwest Wine Press by Jamie J. Cox, an associate with the law firm Brydon, Swearengen & England P.C. in Jefferson City, Missouri. Jamie practices primarily administrative law and represents professionals before the Administrative Hearing Commission, as well as a number of Missouri licensing boards. In this column Jamie takes a look at online retailer Amazon's entry … [Read more...]

Six Ways to Maximize Winery Holiday Sales

How has your year been? Holiday sales can help end the year for your winery on a high note. It’s easy for wineries to get lost in the shopping frenzy. To stand out from other businesses, make your customers' lives simpler during the holidays by offering solutions to their gift giving dilemmas.Here are six ways to maximize holiday sales:1. Send a holiday email newsletter. Newsletters are … [Read more...]