September 21, 2017

Cold Climate Conference Photos

The Cold Climate Conference was held in Minneapolis for the first time this year from February 5th to February 7th. (The Conference was previously held in St. Paul.)Midwest Wine Press' Danny Wood gave a presentation on Midwestern State Wine Organizations  at the Conference. Long time contributor and St. Paul resident Theresa Preston also provided these awesome photos taken at the Winter Wine … [Read more...]

John Marshall’s Favorite White Hybrid Grapes

I was invited to a wedding some years ago now, outside Phoenix, Arizona. Since I arrived in Arizona a day early, I was interested to see what the famous varieties of Europe might do in the high arid climes above Phoenix. The climate is so unlike California or Bordeaux I was hoping to find some surprises but was disappointed that most of the wines were imported directly from California. I found an … [Read more...]

Top Seven Stories For 2014

2014 was another record readership year for Midwest Wine Press.  Below are the seven most popular stories of the past year based on total page views as of December 14th.1. Game Changer Grape is a Little Pearl by Piero SpadaMidwest Wine Press was the first publication to write about Petite Pearl- the red hybrid grape from Minnesota breeder Tom Plocher. The popularity of this article speaks … [Read more...]

New Wine Grape Coming From Univ Of Minnesota

The acclaimed University of Minnesota cold hardy grape breeding program will soon be announcing a new white wine grape, according to Peter Hemstad, at the University's Horticultural Research Center near Minneapolis.  This new grape, which is currently known only by a number, is the first Minnesota grape released since Marquette in 2006."We’re very excited about this new grape," Hemstad … [Read more...]

New Film About Midwest Wine in Production

More and more Midwestern states are producing high quality films about their state's wine industries.  As reported in Midwest Wine Press,  professional film makers from Wisconsin and Kentucky have recently released new productions about Midwest Wine.  Now a group from Iowa have teamed up to produce Wine Diamonds: Uncorking America’s Heartland™.This feature-length documentary film chronicles … [Read more...]

VitiNord 2015 Location Announced

The International Association of Northern Viticulture is proud to announce that the 2015 VitiNord International Conference will be held at the Lied Lodge & Conference Center in historic Nebraska City, Nebraska, November 11-14, 2015.VitiNord is an International Viticulture & Enology conference that happens every three years.  This conference focuses on research and practices being used … [Read more...]

Northern Grapes Project Funding Extended

The Northern Grapes Project received an additional $2.6 million in funding from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Specialty Crops Research Initiative to complete the final two years of the multistate effort, which began in 2011.The project focuses on growing extremely cold-hardy wine grape varieties that are new to both growers and consumers, creating a rapidly-expanding industry of small … [Read more...]

Seeing Glass at BeanBlossom Cider

Back in the summer of '11, one of my first "big" Midwest Wine Press interviews was with Bill Oliver of Oliver Winery.  I was excited and a little nervous to be interviewing the biggest winery owner in the Midwest. But to my surprise, Bill did not want to talk about wine. He wanted to talk about his new hard ciders.Oliver was one of the first wineries in the Midwest to produce hard cider. … [Read more...]

How Well Does Midwest Wine Age?

Most of the wine purchased in the Midwest is consumed immediately or soon after purchase.  In my experience, the best wines from our region are made to be enjoyed as soon as possible.For both reds and whites, Midwest wines are usually not made from grape varieties that benefit greatly from aging. However, I recently opened some older bottles of Midwest wines and was pleasantly … [Read more...]

Grown In Serbia, Vinted In Maryland, Winner at Indy International

At the recent 2014 Indy International Wine Competition a wine called “Russian Kiss” from Big Cork Vineyards in Maryland won Best of Class in the White Vinifera Blend category. Indy International is known for showcasing new and exciting wines, but bestowing such an honor on a wine made from experimental Eastern European grapes is highly unusual. (That four judges selected “Russian Kiss” as their … [Read more...]