September 19, 2017

Seeing Glass at BeanBlossom Cider

Back in the summer of '11, one of my first "big" Midwest Wine Press interviews was with Bill Oliver of Oliver Winery.  I was excited and a little nervous to be interviewing the biggest winery owner in the Midwest. But to my surprise, Bill did not want to talk about wine. He wanted to talk about his new hard ciders.Oliver was one of the first wineries in the Midwest to produce hard cider. … [Read more...]

What Your Wine Label is Trying to Tell You

A wine label should communicate your brand, your uniqueness and increase the perceived value of your wine. A wine label is your biggest piece of advertising and the first contact most people will have with your wine. You only have seconds to get the attention of a consumer and you want make a positive first impression. Is your label communicating the proof of your wine’s value?At a … [Read more...]

Top Tips For Winery Website Redesign

How do you know when it is time to re-design your website? More and more consumers are researching online before they visit and are judging your winery by its website. I often tell clients to think of their website as the center of a large spider web. All strands point to your website – Twitter, Facebook, brochures, rack cards, wine labels, Yelp, Google places listings and consumer reviews of your … [Read more...]

If You Think Every Type of Wine Packaging Has Already Been Invented…..

Midwest Wine Press gets hundreds of emails from companies that make every manner of wine related stuff, and usually we just hit "delete."  But a recent press release for a single serving, stackable wine glass is too strange and brilliant not to share.  (This also looks like the kind of product that gets funded on "Shark Tank.")Here is some timeless ad copy from the press release for Stack … [Read more...]

Does Digital Printing Matter for Wine Labels?

How much do you know about your wine label? Do you know who designed it? Probably. Where it was produced? Most likely. What type of equipment produced it? Maybe not.It’s a question you’d hardly think to ask, what type of printing is best? But the answer could make a huge difference to your bottom (or top) line. The type of printing you use could be impacting the quality, cost, and design … [Read more...]

Cedar Ridge Clear Label Wins Awards

 Cedar Ridge Vineyards, a family-owned winery and distillery located between Cedar Rapids and Iowa City, Iowa, is no stranger to the lime light. Cedar Ridge received 20 awards for their wines in 2012 and more than 12 wine label design awards since 2008 at the Mid-American Wine Competition. In particular, their estate-grown Marechal Foch wine won two Silver medals for both wine label typography … [Read more...]

When Should Wine Labels Be Retired?

One of the topics at the License To Steal: National Wine Marketing Conference was the need to periodically review (and if necessary, update) winery logos and labels. But how are you supposed to know if you should make a change? Most experts on branding are in the business of selling graphic arts or marketing services – how could their opinions be neutral when you ask if your current brand image is … [Read more...]

Women Prefer Wine With a Story To Tell

More Midwest wineries are realizing that women like to be marketed to differently. According to The Beverage Information Group, women accounted for 58.1 percent of wine buyers in 2011.While many men look to ratings to give them advice, women are much more influenced by the stories behind the bottle and the entire social experience of wine. In the Sommelier Journal, Liz Thach, who teaches wine … [Read more...]

Elk Creek Winery Hooks Marine Artist for Labels

While many Midwest wineries have special edition wine labels, Elk Creek Vineyards' Carey Chen Riesling is unique both for its renditions of sea life and for its unique clear label printing approach. Elk Creek Riesling is the top seller of the five wines that make up the Carey Chen Marine Collection. Other wines in the Marine Collection include a Concord and a Pinot Grigio.Elk Creek Vineyards, … [Read more...]

Midwest Wineries Start Using QR Codes

With over 50% of Americans now having smartphones, Midwest wineries are finding QR codes help them engage with their customers both in retail stores and at their wineries.The Midwest wine industry is seeing more and more QR codes popping up on everything from wine labels to tasting room menus. Quick Response Codes can hold nearly as much information as traditional UPC codes and are known for … [Read more...]