September 21, 2017

2015 Previews for Midwest Wine Conferences

It's that time of year again, and we're not talking about the Holidays.  Yes, Midwest wine fans, it's time to check your snow tires and find your white rabbit ushanka, cause it's Midwest Wine Conference season.This year, it would be technically possible to attend all the Midwestern wine conferences, although the Michigan and Nebraska events overlap.  Some wine conferences, like the Michigan … [Read more...]

UK to Offer Undergrad Wine/Spirits Certification

The University of Kentucky is awaiting approval for an undergraduate certificate program that would include wine, brewing and distilling, according to the Lexington Herald Leader.   "A horticulture professor with a doctorate in viticulture, Seth DeBolt would like to see UK grow into a role like the University of California-Davis plays with Napa Valley for providing educational as well as research … [Read more...]

Kentucky Wines Celebrated in Style

The first Celebration of Kentucky Wines was held on October 9th at The Olmsted in Louisville. This event featured the debut of a new Kentucky Wine documentary and a fascinating presentation about the history of the Kentucky commercial wine industry, which is over 200 years old."Unbridled Vines" -the new Kentucky wine documentary replaces an award-winning film that was shot five years ago. … [Read more...]

Regional Wine Tasting Rooms Gain Foothold Across America

Northern Michigan Black Star Farms’ tasting room manager, Chris Lopez had his hopes pinned on an Ann Arbor tasting room, 240 miles from the winery's main tasting room. This college town has a proven appetite for good wine and innovative food. Top Chef contestants Eve Aronoff (Frita Batido) and Takashi Yagihashi (Slurping Turtle) have both put down roots in Ann Arbor, after all. Bustling downtown … [Read more...]

Dog Friendly Wineries

Growing numbers of Midwest wineries are going where very few bars and restaurants in the United States have gone before – encouraging customers to bring their dogs. The move is attracting visits from both dog owning, day-tripping tourists and local dog owners with their Patch or Lassie.Internet guides for dog owners testify to numerous canine friendly wineries. lists dozens … [Read more...]

Travel Behaviors of Midwest Wine Tourists

The Northern Grapes Project (NGP) continues to advance our industry’s knowledge of the habits of Midwest wine tourists. The latest issue of Northern Grapes News, features the research of Michigan State University's Dan McCole, Don Holecek and Leanna Popp: Understanding the Travel Behaviors of Wine Tourists in Michigan’s Leelanau Peninsula. See related story: First Year Results from Northern … [Read more...]

Acres of Land Winery To Be Auctioned

According to the Richmond Register,  a winery once hailed as a boon to Madison County, Kentucky  tourism is scheduled to go on the auction block Tuesday, July 22. -See more at: … [Read more...]

Midwest Wine Trail Rankings for 2014

No wine region in the world has as many wine trails as the Midwestern U.S. A big part of the Midwestern wine experience is visiting a winery to enjoy the terroir and perhaps speak directly with the people who grow the grapes and make the wine.<By our count, 68 percent of Midwest wineries are on one of  60 wine trails.See related story: 2014 Midwest Winery Rankings1. Illinois- 91 … [Read more...]

Moving Beyond A Tourism Based Wine Industry

Call me a dreamer, but I can envision a day when vineyards stretch out across the Midwest.  In this future-land, the grapes from Midwest vineyards will be used to make wines that are sold across the country and the world.As much as I believe in this bright future for Midwest regional wine, the present day reality must be confronted. According to the Midwest Wine Press Winery Rankings, the … [Read more...]

Midwest Winery Rankings 2014

After years of rapid expansion, the growth in the number of Midwest wineries slowed during the past year.Since the second quarter of 2013, the number of Federal Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) winery permits in the 11 state area covered by Midwest Wine Press increased by 1.7% to 1,264.In comparison, the number of TTB winery permits increased by 10% from 2012 to … [Read more...]