October 20, 2017

State Wine Organizations: How are they Doing?

Let us know what you think of your state wine organization, what it does well and what it could do better, by taking this five question, anonymous survey: State Wine Org Survey … [Read more...]

The Global Influence of Midwest Wine

Dionysus (also called Bacchus) is the well-known god of grapes. What's not so well-known about Dionysus is that he had a tough time fitting in with the other gods.  His mother was a mortal and his father was Zeus, king of the gods, which made him a foreigner wherever he went.In many respects, Midwestern wine is like Dionysus, something of an outcast but also historically significant. … [Read more...]

Chandler Hill Vineyards Takes It Up A Notch

Chuck Gillentine’s Chandler Hill Vineyards aims to take the wine and food at Missouri wineries up a notch.“The state has marketed the wineries as a fun place to come and I think we’ve taken that another step,” says Gillentine, the CEO.Or two or three steps. There are quality estate made wines, fine food and a compelling history to contemplate with it.But first things first – … [Read more...]

Wollersheim Breaks Ground on New Distillery

Wollersheim Winery made an exciting announcement on August 5th regarding adding a new distillery which will open during 2015. The 25,000-square-foot distillery will be attached to the winery’s existing wine fermentation buildings and will feature its own cellar and retail space.  Wollersheim Winemaker Philippe Coquard said the distillery’s focus will be on “locally-sourced, locally-grown” … [Read more...]

Weston Wine Company Pairs Cupcakes and Wine

Entering the doorway to Weston Wine Company,  the "pink" hits you all at once. (We're talking about the color, not the musician.)Between the pale red colors on the walls and the way the light dances off the winery's chandeliers, you will be transplanted to a fairy tale of sorts. But don't let the girlie décor deter you from staying awhile and sampling Missouri wines paired with gourmet … [Read more...]

Cold Hardy Grape Documentary Debuts

The short-form documentary "Cold Climate Grapes Uncorked" premiered Saturday, June 14, 2014, at Sovereign Estate Vineyard and Winery in Waconia, Minnesota. The husband-and-wife team of Marcus and Emily Taplin launched a Kickstarter campaign to get funding to write, direct, and produce the documentary.  Emily is a television news reporter in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, while Marcus works for Fox Sports … [Read more...]

New Frontiers for Midwest’s Biggest Winery

Next to Oliver Winery’s Creekbend Vineyard is a small graveyard where the original 19th century homesteaders were laid to rest.  These pioneers came to Indiana when it was a virtual wilderness. Sometimes I wonder if those of us living today would be able to handle the rigors Midwestern pilgrims faced.It’s hard to imagine our generation building houses and clearing fields with crude tools and … [Read more...]

Old 502 Winery: Urban Winery in Bourbon Country

No city in the Midwest supports locally made beverages like Louisville Kentucky. There are at least one hundred establishments pouring local spirits in downtown Louisville, but there's only one tasting room in town that pours local wine, Old 502 Winery. (502 is the area code for Louisville.)"We love being a part of downtown; there is a lot of action here," says Old 502 owner and winemaker … [Read more...]

Ardon Creek Winery: Heinz Tomatoes to Hybrid Grapes

159 years ago, an Irish family made its way to Southeast Iowa and settled between the rivers Cedar and Mississippi. The descendants of that family reside there still, and display their ancestral pride through a symbolic three-leaf clover, artfully worked into the logo of the family’s current venture: a vineyard and winery named Ardon Creek.“I was raised here, and all the Furlongs in our … [Read more...]

Loess Hills AVA Wine Trail Will Require Local Grapes

One advantage of the American Viticultural Area (AVA) designation is that under federal law, any wine with an AVA name on the label must be made from grapes at least 85% local grapes.  Any wine with an AVA name on the label in therefore truly "local."Now a proposed wine trail and AVA in Iowa- the Loess Hills AVA Wine Trail- is seeking to apply a local grape requirement as a condition for … [Read more...]