October 17, 2017

Managing the Tasting Room Experience

In many cases, customers form perceptions about a winery based on their experience in the tasting room.  Generally, these attitudes are based on both the interactions with the server and their perception of wine ‘quality.’Winery customers eat with their eyes.  This visual process begins in the parking lot when customers first experience the visual appeal of an elaborate building.  While … [Read more...]

Five Key Components to Winery Sales

Every business wants to ‘sell more.’  Management teams spend countless hours strategizing how to ‘sell more’ wine.  Salespeople stay engaged in jobs at the prospect of the ‘big sale.’  Businesses stay relevant when they ‘sell more.’But selling more is not a goal; it is an outcome.    During 7 years in higher education, I taught many intelligent students who did not know the difference between … [Read more...]

How to Make Wine Contests Work for Your Winery

 Recently, a former winemaking student asked me, “How do I win more gold medals?” I responded by saying “Enter more wine competitions.” We laughed and changed the topic. This conversation, although brief, had a lasting effect and caused me to reflect on my own thought process for selecting the competitions that I submit wines to.I’ve been part of the ‘inner-workings’ of wine … [Read more...]