October 20, 2017

Cosmic Wines from Southwest Michigan

Joe Herman, proprietor of Karma Vista Winery believes he has the best job on the planet. As he puts it, "If I pour myself into my work, at the end of the day, I can pour my work into myself!"Joe knows what he's talking about. As the sixth generation owner of the family farm, he feels his stewardship is a proud tradition to be passed on to new generations of grape growers and winemakers."My … [Read more...]

Follow the Moon To Natural Wines

"All-natural" is a phrase frequently bandied about to describe many different products. To Rob and Stacey DeAngelis, it's serious business. They're the owners of DeAngelis Cantina Del Vino, a winery in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Their story is a made-in-the-Midwest success. First, a bit of history about Rob and Stacey before we explore what the term "natural wine" means. Then we'll see how Rob applies … [Read more...]

Surprising Michigan Sauvignon Blanc

What's surprising about Michigan Sauvignon Blanc? That so few Michigan wineries produce wines from this fascinating versatile and aromatic varietal is really quite surprising. The Wolverine State makes much more white wine than red wine but very little Sauvignon Blanc. Why?This ancient varietal is one of, if not the, most expressive grapes on earth. It's aroma's and flavors range from soft … [Read more...]

Tony Ciccone “Winemaking is in My DNA”

Tony Ciccone (Chick own ee), makes wines as easy to enjoy as his name is melodious. As patriarch of the Ciccone clan, Tony directs his wife and two of his children in the production of their award-winning wines.Ciccone Vineyard and Winery, sitting atop one of the Leelanau Peninsula's prettiest hills, is a family affair. Tony's wife, Joan Ciccone is the landscape architect and chief cook at the … [Read more...]

Condensing Liquids into Wealth At Michigan State

If Prohibition was still in effect (thank goodness it isn't), Dr. Kris Berglund might well be public enemy number one.He's the man behind the Michigan State University (MSU) artisan distilling program. This unique program is an entrepreneur's dream come true as craft distilleries are very much the rage.In addition to the explosion of craft and microbreweries and wineries throughout the … [Read more...]

Mawby’s Masterpieces of Michigan

This article is sponsored by MI Wine Barrel, makers of durable and economic stainless steel wine barrels.Larry Mawby isn't only one of Michigan's wine pioneers, he's also one of the funniest people you'll ever meet. Like his methode champenoise sparkling wines, you'll need to pay close attention to garner the full benefit of both his humor and his complex L. Mawby wines.M. Lawrence wines, … [Read more...]

Bel Lago Boasts 100 Grape Varieties

This article is sponsored by MI Wine Barrel, makers of durable and economic stainless steel wine barrelsBel Lago Winery was founded in 1987 by chief winemaker Charles Edson together with his wife Amy Iezzoni, and Charlie’s in-laws, Domenic and Ruth Iezzoni on one acre in Michigan.Now composed of approximately 37 acres, this northern Michigan winery is situated overlooking a “bel lago,” … [Read more...]

Michigan AVA’s Create Their Own Character

Michigan currently has four AVAs.  AVA is an acronym for American Viticultural Area, a term used to define a particular grape growing region.It’s similar to the term “appellation,” which is used in France to indicate a specific geographical area where grapes are grown. In order for a winery to put an AVA name on the label,  85% of the grapes used to make the wine must come from within the … [Read more...]

Hawthorne Vineyards: A Welcome Addition To Old Mission Peninsula

Old Mission Peninsula is only a stone’s throw from downtown Traverse City yet has a very different vibe than the city. While Traverse City is the largest metropolitan area in Northern Michigan, Old Mission Peninsula is serene, agricultural and laid back.Hawthorne Vineyards is only the eighth winery on the beautiful peninsula. Opened in May of this year, the winery is the pride of owners Bruce … [Read more...]

Left Foot Charley is On the Right Path

Left Foot Charley is a quirky name for a winery that produces quality wines from vineyards located in Northwest Michigan. Bryan Ulbrich, the self-titled “winery Sherpa” of Left Foot Charley has been making wine in Michigan for 13 years.Bryan has “made his chops" in the wine business.  Over his career,  he has been the winemaker at Peninsula Cellars,  an apprentice in Europe and even did a … [Read more...]