September 20, 2017

About Mark Ganchiff

Mark Ganchiff is the publisher of Midwest Wine Press, the leading source of news on the growing wine industry in the central United States. Mark has been a wine judge at the 2012 and 2014 INDY International Wine Competition, the 2014 Cold Climate Wine Competition, the 2013 Mid-American Wine Competition, the 2012 Illinois State Fair Wine Competition and the 2013 Michigan Wine Competition. He also enjoys speaking at wine events including the Cold Climate Wine Conference, the Illinois Grape Growers and Vintners Association Annual Meeting, the Midwest Grape and Wine Conference and the Wisconsin Fruit and Vegetable Conference. Mark’s articles about regional wine have appeared in Vineyard & Winery Management, WineMaker and several regional magazines.
Mark is a Level One Sommelier in the Court of Master Sommeliers. He lives in Louisville, but also has a residence in Chicago.

Winegrowing in Kansas: Vineyard Help Needed!

This is the first blog from our new columnist Cindy Reynolds. With husband Dennis, Cindy is co-owner of  Somerset Ridge Vineyard & Winery in Kansas.The view of our 20 acres of wine grapes is lush, green and beautiful after a spring of abundant rain and sunshine. Every grapegrower we know is thanking the wine gods because of our recent experiences with less than ideal weather. But this … [Read more...]

Hinterland: A Great Winery Worth the Extra Mile

One of the best Midwest wine experiences is finding a gem of a winery in a rural area.  And being a diamond in the boonies the business model for Hinterland Vineyards and Winery in Clara City, Minnesota, about 110 miles west of the Twin Cities.“You’re coming to the Winery on a gravel road and you step into, ‘Wow, are we in California,’” said Hinterland co-owner Aftan Koenen about the … [Read more...]

New York Times Recognizes Marquette Wine

We started writing about Marquette wine during 2011, but news of this Minnesota borne grape has just now penetrated fortress Manhattan. Today, in a bit of a coup for the cold hardy wine industry, the New York Times had a positively slanted story about Marquette and hybrid wines in general.Recognizing that few Times readers have heard of Marquette, the Times reporter used a "news" angle for the … [Read more...]

Purdue Launches Vineyard Tech Company

From Inside Indiana Business comes a report of a new vineyard technology company based in Lafayette, Indiana.  The new company, VinSense, was developed by three members of the Purdue faculty.  (Note: While judging the Indy International Wine Competition in 2014, I toured the part of Purdue's campus devoted to technology and engineering.  It's like a piece of Silicon Valley in the middle of … [Read more...]

Big Southern Illinois WInery Wants a Casino License

Walker's Bluff, a winery, restaurant, and concert entertainment center near Carbondale, Illinois is now trying to get a casino license, according to the St. Louis Post Dispatch.  Midwest Wineries have gone to great lengths to add new revenue streams - including monster truck shows and distilleries-  but this is the first we've heard about merging  regional wine and gambling.  Walker's Bluff argues … [Read more...]

Trump Wine is for Losers

Sorry about the headline.  It was an attempt at sarcasm about Donald Trump, which is impossible.Recently, the media has raised questions about the legitimacy of Trump's Virginia Winery. (See the link to today's Daily Beast article below.)On July 21st, 2o15, I was in Charlottesville, Virginia on the start of a tour of the area's wineries.See: Virginia Shows the Potential of Midwest … [Read more...]

Cincinnati Winery One of Top U.S. Urban Wineries

Wine Enthusiast named Cincinnati's Henke Winery one of top urban wineries in the United States.  The magazine bestowed this honor on nine U.S. wineries and Henke is the only top urban winery located in the Midwest.During 2012, Henke Winery owner Joe Henke graciously provided Midwest Wine Press with a private tour of his winery and restaurant.  As detailed in the MWP article below, Henke is a … [Read more...]

How Do Midwest Consumers Define Local Wine?

Cheryl Nakata, a professor of marketing at The University of Illinois at Chicago Business School recently released an insightful study about about Midwest wine. From August 2014 through March 2015, Cheryl and Erin Peregrine Antalis, also of the University of Illinois at Chicago, interviewed owners and managers of fourteen wineries in Michigan and Indiana. The purpose of the study was to understand … [Read more...]

Tom Plocher’s New Grapes Are Spreading

University grape breeding programs - like Cornell and Minnesota- grab a lot of attention. But private grape breeders continue to develop many of the grapes that are used to make cold hardy wines.One of the most prolific and successful creators of cold hardy wine grapes is Tom Plocher. He has been artfully using selective breeding in his vineyard since 1996.  Among his mentors is the … [Read more...]

New Wine Fest in Door County for ’16

The inaugural Door County Wine Fest will be on Saturday, June 25, 2016 offering unlimited tasting of more than 80 different wines. This new wine fest is an event celebrating quality “Made in Door County” wine products. Guest will be able to taste more than 80 different wines from local wineries. Looks like a great celebration of the wine-making expertise of the members of the Door County Wine … [Read more...]