September 21, 2017

bigLITTLE’s Approach to Small Batch Wines

It is rare that a new winery sneaks up on you in Northern Michigan. Once locals spot a new construction site, the rumors start to spread and it doesn’t take long for the secret to get out. Due to it being notoriously hard to predict opening dates in the alcohol business, owners try to keep things under wraps until more certainty comes along. Like parents expecting a newborn, you don’t want to let … [Read more...]

Chasing Flavors at Three Fires Wine

Driving north out of Traverse City on one of Michigan’s most beautiful roads, M22, it is easy to miss the Three Fires Wine tasting room. Sitting unassumingly in a countryside version of a strip mall, sandwiched between a barn and an art gallery, resides one of the most sophisticated wine experiences you will find in the Midwest, or the country for that matter.If you are looking to replicate … [Read more...]